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Fortinet Network-Based Video Security

Complete Video Security Solution

Surveillance systems can be complicated, expensive, and unreliable. But FortiCamera and FortiRecorder simplify IP video surveillance and there are no license fees. With FortiCams, you can see everything: doors, POS terminals, public areas–whatever you need to keep an eye on. FortiRecorder captures the images for easy monitoring, storage, and retrieval. Just plug in your cameras, connect the FortiRecorder, open a web browser or client application, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to navigate and configure with event timelines and profile-driven configuration.

FortiCameras with FortiRecorder give you everything you need for complete site video security:

  • Multiple recording options: continuous, event-based, scheduled, manual
  • Access to live and recorded video from anywhere using Windows, Mac or Unix browsers, Android or iOS Mobile devices
  • Recorder available as hardware or VM deployment
  • Large range of cameras to fit any environment, all powered with PoE
  • Free professional-grade video management system (VMS)
  • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP, and remote data storage support for flexible network integration


Get complete visual coverage inside and out with FortiCameras. With options for indoor and outdoor, vandal-proof, weatherproof, low-light night vision, fixed and motorized zoom lenses and 2-way audio, there’s a FortiCam that fits every environment. All FortiCams deliver crisp, high-resolution HDTV-quality images to any FortiRecorder NVR, either continuously or triggered by a
range of events, including motion and/or audio detection.

Easy to set up, license-free

With FortiCameras, installation is a breeze. They support PoE,  eliminating the need for AC power. Just connect the camera to the FortiRecorder network via a PoE switch and you’re up and running. No software installation, no patches and, unlike using third-party cameras, no license fees.


  • Scheduled and manual recording
  • Motion detection and continuous recordings
  • Snapshot notifications and alerts
  • Web-based interface  (no software installation required)
  • Camera live view and video playback
  • Event monitor with timeline
  • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP and remote data storage support for flexible network integration
  • Powerful Windows client FortiRecorder Central
  • Mobile access on iOS and Android



FortiRecorders solve your surveillance problems while streamlining the user experience. Place cameras to cover your entry points and critical areas such as Point of Sale terminals, warehouses, public areas and loading docks. Configure FortiRecorder for continuous or motion-based recording (or both). Alarms and notifications keep you aware of what’s going on. An event timeline lets you find and review motion events quickly and easily.

Motion detection with snapshot notifications

What’s the most annoying issue with alarm systems? For many, it’s false alarms. The alarm company called, and now you have to decide whether the alarm is legitimate. Did the cleaners forget to disarm the alarm or are thieves cleaning out your office? FortiRecorder sends a snapshot notification email to your smartphone or other device with images from the motion event. You immediately see what’s going on without having to log in to a dedicated app or navigate any menus.


  • Scheduled and manual recording
  • Motion detection andcontinuous recordings
  • Snapshot notifications and alerts
  • Available as an appliance or virtual machine
  • Camera live view and video playback
  • Event monitor with timeline
  • RADIUS, LDAP, SNMP and remote data storage support for flexible network integration


Two ways to see: web-based interface or advanced FortiRecorder central app

One of the most sophisticed in the industry, the FortiRecorder features full controls for browsing past footage, setting alerts and monitoring a few cameras. Or choose the free FortiRecorder Central windows application. It’s a sleek, high-performance, easily customizable interface that delivers fast, intuitive access to real time and recorded images. It’s friendly and easy for casual users, but sophisticated enough for more intensive security installations that require constant monitoring of multiple cameras and recorders.

Camera freedom: use FortiCamerasor third-party cameras

FortiCameras are tailor-made to work with FortiRecorder, with easy configuration and no additional license fees. But FortiRecorder also works with third-party ONVIF cameras to allow you to choose specialty cameras when you need them.

Appliance or virtual: you choose

FortiRecorder is available as an appliance or a virtual machine, so you get the complete functionality in the format that works best for you. Choose the FortiRecorder 100D, 200D or 400D for ease of set-up right out of the box — just plug in your FortiCameras, turn on the recorder and you’re ready to go using your web browser or FortiRecorder Central. Or choose FortiRecorder-VM with simple, stackable licenses and platform flexibility for IT-friendly environments and support of up to 1024 cameras.

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