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ConnexASSIST® Retail Call Button

Creating The Smart Store with ConnexASSIST®

How ConnexASSIST® Works…ConnexASSIST

Customers can get immediate information on products and services by simply pushing the button and talking directly to an associate responsible for that Department.  Immediate response provides the opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling products.

ConnexASSIST® allows the retailer to identify areas in the store where high or low service is experienced optimizing resource allocation.  If necessary, the buttons can then be moved to support customer service demands.

Managers can accurately track sales opportunities, receive up-to-the-minute reports and track security issues.

ConnexASSIST® is affordable, easy to use, easy to install and shopper-friendly.

For retail environments in which information immediacy can significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce abandoned purchases, ConnexASSIST® delivers integrated communications that optimizes workflow and leverages investment.

Key Features & Benefits

Immediate Customer Service

Customers can instantly talk to an associate by pushing the ConnexASSIST® button.  A simple question such as “Where are the electric mixers?” can be answered instantly by the associate on his wireless phone by speaking directly to the customer through the button.  This allows for higher productivity and less time wasted by the associate.  However, if assistance is needed, then the associate can go directly to the customer at the button location.

Generate Additional Sales

The Sales Associate is engaged while purchase decisions are made, reducing abandoned sales.

Comprehensive Reporting

Extensive reporting is on call frequency, call locations, as well as identifying areas of low and high service needs and much more.

3-Tier Escalation Levels (automatic or manual)

If the call is not answered within a specific time frame, it will be escalated to a secondary associate, and then to a back up associate.

Simple Integration

The ConnexASSIST® Button integrates with your existing phone system and wireless handsets.

Eliminates Disruptive Overhead Paging

Customers are reported to be irritable and distracted by overhead paging systems. (Overhead paging can be used for such things as in-store specials).  Customers will identify your store with having better service and a serene environment.