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D-Link Networks

D-LINK – Wireless, Switching

Wireless Access Points

D-Link has a range of robust wireless access points able to work in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

Strong enough to be deployed at the very core of your network, they give greatly enhanced reliability and coverage, including advanced security features to keep you completely safe from intrusion.

Backwards compatible with all Wi-Fi technologies, the wireless range includes single and dual band Wireless N devices that are plenum-rated for mounting on walls and ceilings.


  • Bandwidth and speed with up to 300Mbps
  • Extended coverage to reach dead spots in areas of poor signal
  • Powerful signal strength so the connection remains stable even when the environment changes
  • Strong encryption and authentication for security of data transmission
  • 802.11n standard for compatibility with new Wireless N devices

Unified Wireless

Unified wireless is a scalable wireless local area network solution that combines wired and wireless services. In contrast to legacy wireless networks that provide access via independent wireless access points or routers, unified wireless make use of centralized control policies that allow network administrators to manage the configuration of all access points.

When supported by a compatible wireless switch, administrators need only send software images to each access point and then apply the desired policy as a one-time configuration.

Smart Switches

D-Link’s Smart Switches include advanced management and security functions that provide improved performance and scalability.

The switches can be managed through a number of methods that provide extra flexibility for monitoring and configuring. Security is assured with Access Control List filtering and D-Link’s Safeguard Engine to protect against unauthorized access and virus outbreaks in the network.

The Smart Series includes switches that incorporate the high-power Power over Ethernet (PoE)  standard, which allows for increased power levels to be delivered to network devices such as IP phones, access points and network cameras. Additional features, such as Auto Voice VLAN and Auto Surveillance VLAN separate and prioritize critical traffic for telephony and IP surveillance.


  • Many of the benefits of a managed switch, but without the complexity or cost
  • Ease of configuration through web management
  • Ideal for users wishing to build small to medium-size networks but who don’t need the advanced features necessary for corporate deployments
  • PoE compliant eliminating the need for external power supplies allowing you to utilize current cables and reducing cable clutter for a more tidier system 


The simplest and most affordable of the D-Link Smart Switch range, EasySmart switches enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) customers to take their first step into a managed network. Fan-less and configured with 16 or 24 Gigabit ports, simple installation and tools to prioritize, limit and protect network traffic designed specifically for customers with limited expertise.


The Smart Switch series offer greater flexibility with a choice of 8, 10, 24 or 48 Gigabit ports, the larger models also have combo ports for fiber connectivity. Power over Ethernet is available as an option, which enables users to utilize their existing network infrastructure eliminating the need for additional power outlets.

Managed Switches

D-Link Managed Switches offer businesses a perfect low-cost, feature-rich, entry-level option.

The switches can be deployed to set up Gigabit connections to desktops to create a company-wide network backbone. Managed switches feature built-in support for remote setup and management.

The advanced Access Control List and user authentication function effectively extends the network security coverage from core to edge.

The unique D-Link Safeguard Engine protects the switches from the threat of worms and viruses, increasing overall reliability and serviceability.


  • Allows administrators to monitor traffic across the network, introduce redundancy and control access
  • Highly scalable switch solution for future business growth
  • Ideal for networks with numerous users and applications, where security, reliability and security is needed
  • Support for 10Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and other high bandwidth technologies
  • PoE compliant, eliminating the need for external power supplies allowing you to utilize current cables and reducing cable clutter for a more tidier system 

Layer 2

The Data Link Layer specifies how the network is shared and data moved around. It is here that Ethernet switches mostly operate, forwarding traffic based on the universally implemented MAC address of attached devices. 

Layer 3

Layer 3 Switches operate at the network layer and use both MAC and IP addresses to communicate with the rest of the network. The universally accepted IP protocol allows for large-sized networks that can grow virtually limitless and offers advanced features for extra flexibility.


D-Link’s Wireless Switches create seamless converged wired and wireless networks. Seamless roaming, centralized AP management, and control through a web-based GUI or command line interface allow for high performance and easy-to-maintain networks.


Enterprise level network security

In today’s inter-connected, web-based business environment, a company’s network security is key to their stability, productivity and success.

Increasingly businesses with mobile or remote workers, or that who employ social media as a tool have a greater likelihood of experiencing crippling data network security breaches. D-Link’s Network Security Solutions will help you maintain a healthy network free from virus attacks, unauthorized intrusion and harmful content. With a full array of components, including Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, firewalls and network switches, D-Link security solutions work together to prevent network disruption from internal and external threats and are easy to install, manage and update

UTMs Firewalls

UTM firewalls create a safer network environment for companies using a built-in extreme-performance Anti-Virus acceleration engine together with stream-based virus scanning technology.

Services Routers

D-Link’s Unified Services Routers offer secure, high-performance networking solutions to address the growing needs of businesses. The routers are packed with advanced security and management features such as IEE 802.11n, secure wireless access, 3G WAN redundancy, IPv6 and comprehensive VPN features that can also be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure. These routers empower your mobile workers with remote access anywhere and anytime through the powerful VPN engine to allow for secure connections to company resources.

Unified and Network Attached Storage

D-Link Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Unified Network Storage solutions are easy to deploy and provide file sharing and data protection on the network. Unlike traditional NAS devices, we offer both file sharing and concurrent block access performance (iSCSI) for small business server applications.

ShareCenter™ devices will connect directly to your router or any network point in your Ethernet infrastructure. The NAS solutions will work seamlessly with Windows, Mac or Linux. Data can be kept securely and confidentially thanks to advanced disk quota management combined with user / group permissions.

D-Link ShareCenter™ NAS devices also incorporate FTP servers to allow the downloading or uploading of files remotely over the internet, and integrated media and iTunes server to support the streaming of photos, music and video to compatible media players. 

Network Video Recorders

D-Link’s standalone wired network video recorders (NVR) support 8-channel network cameras with MJPEG, MPEG4 or H.264 recording with two high-speed 3.5-inch SATA hard disks for long-term recording.

The NVR can record video from IP cameras located in local or remote sites into a dedicated HDD storage without turning on a computer. The NVRs support real-time monitoring and playback anytime, anywhere, via a web browser.

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