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PIVOT Wireless Handsets by Spectralink

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Pivot Spectralink Business Phone Systems - A WorkSmart SolutionMobile workers in healthcare, retail and industrial businesses need reliable, high-quality tools to communicate on the job. These tools also need to be dependable, and easy to use. Even simpler, these tools should be something users already know how to operate. PIVOTTM by Spectralink answers the call.

Spectralink, the inventor of in-building wireless, is the first manufacturer to combine renowned handset durability and
voice quality with smartphone-like usability in a solution that really works. And because PIVOTTM is based on the Android platform, it also provides easy access to applications and resources to help you do your job better.

You can count on PIVOT business phone systems to work for work, and you’ll know how to use it, right out of the box. Some call the PIVOT solution brilliant, some call it a lifesaver – we call it WorkSmart – a category in itself.

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PIVOT by Spectralink, a WorkSmart Solution

PIVOT helps customers work smarter, not harder. It begins with wireless handsets that have the perfect balance between smartphone-like usability and the quality and reliability you need for work. But PIVOT is more than just a wireless handset; it includes expert professional services and tested-interoperable business applications, call server integrations, and wireless network interoperability. Trust PIVOT to help with management of wireless performance, integration, security and investment protection.

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PIVOTTM Wireless Handsets

PIVOT handsets are differentiated by their ease of use, ergonomic design, voice quality, seamless VoWi-Fi roaming and durability. The base model, PIVOT 8741, is ideal for the majority of in-building mobile workers. It includes several standard features such as a large, backlit color display, a touchscreen with full keyboard, an enterprise-grade speakerphone and superior resistance to dust and liquids, including cleaning agents. For advanced application and workflow integration, PIVOT 8753 includes an integrated, high-performance 1D/2D barcode scanner. Be confident in your investment. These wireless handsets are designed to last for several years, unlike consumer devices


  • Enables mobile workers throughout the workplace to be reached immediately and reliably via voice, texts or other alerts
  • Instantly familiar with smartphone-like features you can use, right out-of-the-box
  • Leverages a powerful mobile application platform that integrates with AndroidTM or XML solutions for improved
  • Purpose-built with unrivaled durability, longevity and support to protect your investment
  • Enterprise-level security and privacy as well as over-the-air management and update capabilities
  • Interoperable with your existing business applications, WLAN infrastructure and business telephone system

View Pivot Wiressless Handsets Product Specifications here>>

PIVOTTM Works Well With Others

Along with the rest of Spectralink 8000 portfolio, PIVOT WLAN interoperability is validated by the Spectralink Voice Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless (VIEW) program. We work very closely with major access point manufacturers so you can be assured that your handsets and wireless networks provide service you can rely on.

We also ensure interoperability with your telephone system through our Call Server Integration (CSI) program. After all, voice communication is still one of the highest priority applications for PIVOT.

Finally, to ensure smooth integration with other enterprise systems, interoperability is verified and documented via our Application Integration and Management Solvers (AIMS) program. With two enhanced, standards-based application interfaces, an industrial-grade motion detector, as well as the high-performance barcode scanner, PIVOT creates the ultimate ecosystem for enterprise productivity.

PIVOTTM Peace of Mind

Spectralink offers a comprehensive set of services to design, deploy and maintain your PIVOT solution. Our professionals have unrivaled VoWi-Fi experience and devoted customer focus – we want your experience to be superior from day one.


  • 802.11a/b/g/n (Wi-Fi) compatible
  • PBX integration
    — SIP Direct
    — Gateway for non-SIP PBX systems
  • Standards-based
    — AndroidTM and XML Application Programing Interfaces
    — Quality of service (QoS)
    — Enterprise-grade security options
    — Corporate directory access
  • Messaging support via partner integration
  • Remote, over-the-air configuration management of administrative settings and system upgrades
  • Patent-pending ergonomic grip
  • Resistant to dust, shock and liquid damage
  • HD voice and integrated full duplex speakerphone
  • Personal directory, redial and speed-dial lists
  • Multilingual user interface (French, Spanish, German, Italian)
  • Exchange server integration for calendar, contacts and e-mail
  • Touch screen display with automatic screen orientation
    Easily removable battery-pack with shiftwork supported battery life
  • USB, quad and multi charging options
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) mode with 25 channels including one priority override channel*
  • Personal safety features, including dedicated panic button and “man down” capability*
  • Optional 1D/2D integrated barcode scanner (8753 only)

Questions? Please contact us today.  We can help.