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Call Recording

MiVoice Call Recording

Unlock the Full Potential of  Your Business Communications

Call Recording technology plays a vital role for businesses.  Changes in customer behaviour, regulations and compliance, and improvements in technology insist that organizations be more proactive caring for customers.  Organizations in industries such as healthcare, banking, finance, automotive and debt collections are all benefactors from the ability to monitor, playback, evaluate and archive their telephone based interactions.

In fact, virtually any organization that regularly engages by phone with customers, clients, colleagues or suppliers stands to gain from greater insight and understanding into the
interactions shaping their everyday operations.  Quickly retrieving important information contained within phone-based exchanges helps resolve disputes, minimize liability risk, improve customer service and safeguard company revenues.

Call Recording Web Interface

Deliver an Improved Customer Experience

Seamlessly capture, archive, organize, playback and share voice documents with Mitel’s patented Portable Voice Documentation (PVD™) technology.  Gain in-depth insight into customer behaviour and business performance, build a robust customer experience and meet business objectives.

Improve Business Efficiency and Establish Best Practices

MiVoice Call Recording empowers managers, supervisors and employees with a variety of workforce tools to help monitor, analyze and enhance individual and group performance.  Organizations benefit from a powerful real-time and historical perspective on the interactions occurring within your business.  This translates to enhanced employee performance, a better understanding of customer service issues and improved business processes.

Addressing Critical Business Needs Regulatory Compliance

Various regulatory bodies require recorded documentation of transactions occurring via telephone such as with telesales and the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR); financial transactions including account transfers, loan origination, securities/commodities trading; utilities account management; local government requirements for public safety organizations and several others.

Risk Management

Record telephone interactions to reduce the risk and ramifications of miscommunication with customers.  Examples include improperly filed insurance claims, business to business purchasing and perishable goods orders.

Employee Development

Develop training programs and employee skill-sets through the systematic review and evaluation of vital business communications functions in sales, customer service, collections, emergency dispatch facilities and other public safety organizations.

Improved Collaboration

Improve collaboration with employees and subject matter experts across the organization.  Facilitate a seamless and immediate transfer of data between contemporaries, ensuring quick access to the most current critical business and customer data.

Flexible, Scalable and Reliable Deployment Options

The MiVoice Call Recording software offers an enterprise-wide interaction management system that optimizes information exchange and transforms the customer experience.  Now, everyone can take advantage of the benefits that call recording can provide-whether in the contact center or another department within the company – facilitating the seamless, immediate transfer of information.

Mitel recognizes that many smaller companies strive for growth, and require a solution that can scale as they grow.  Designed to support both ease of deployment and operation, Mitel offers a full range of scalable, networkable and reliable hardware platforms – supporting all Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft SQL database, to meet the demands of small-to-medium-sized buisnesses and multi-site large enterprises.

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