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Wi-Fi Applications and Services

Wi-Fi Applications and Services

Get more out of your network with tools to simplify deployments and enhance network operations. Fortinet offers easy solutions to: plan and validate your RF design, monitor, engage, and influence customer purchasing decisions (for retailers), and control access to your network.

Fortinet Wireless LAN includes:

  • RF Design and Visualization tool – Network Validation
  • Real-time Presence and Locationing Analytic services –Network Monitor
  • Secure Network Authentication services – Network Gatekeepers


The advent of smartphones and the expansion of online retailers like Amazon are challenging the market for offline brick-and-mortar retailers. A further threat to offline retailers is showrooming, the practice of customers viewing and trying a product in-store, then buying it online. Until now, online retailers had an unfair advantage as their platforms have been collecting consumer data for years. This data enables them to monitor shopping behavior, customer loyalty, and promotion impact.

FortiPresence Provides:

  • Presence and Positioning Analytics: Real-time location trends, total visitors, time spent in store, comparison across stores, and heat maps with animated flows.
  • Customer Engagement Tools:  Social WiFi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor contact info, and wayfinding and related services.
  • Cloud-based Service: No hardware to purchase or manage means quick and easy deployment.

The solution leverages the existing in-store Fortinet access points or FortiWiFi wireless LAN infrastructure to detect each customer’s smartphone WiFi signal. Smartphones continually scan for wireless access points, and FortiPresence uses this signal to detect customer presence, location and movements. This information is processed in the cloud and presented in a simple dashboard format, providing the retailer with actionable insights into their customers.


Simplify WLAN planning and deployment with our graphical Wireless LAN planning and post-deployment site survey tool. Using FortiPlanner ensures planning accuracy through sophisticated signal propagation ray-tracing algorithms. After deployment, a real-time coverage heat map shows you areas that need fine-tuning, such as coverage holes or especially congested areas.

FortiPlanner is able to:

  • Provide a simple and intuitive user interface to help plan your wireless LAN, ensuring a successful deployment with features such as ability to import floor plans, select the type of Access Point and automatically calculates the number and placement. The built-in reporting automatically creates a complete plan along with the number of FortiAPs required as well as the exact product SKUs for ordering.
  • Uses the wireless LAN adapter in your Microsoft Windows laptop or tablet device to detect the signal level from your deployed FortiAPs, allowing you to confirm the wireless LAN coverage
    based on actual real-world analysis.