Alliance Corporation

About our client

Alliance Corporation delivers wireless innovation through seamless experiences. They understand that when it comes to solutions one size does not fit all customers, which is why they never recommend something that the customer doesn’t need. Their vision is to continually strive to ensure they have the ideal breadth of assortment and order fulfillment flexibility to provide a complete solution to their customers. From the planning stage through to project completion, they strive to be a provider their customers can rely on. They are innovative and flexible in their approach in providing knowledgeable
recommendations, pre-packaged full-site solutions, fast and efficient delivery and support.

Alliance Corporation distributes equipment in the wireless industry throughout North and South America, with its corporate headquarters located in Mississauga, ON Canada.

Alliance Corporation had been a customer of TCS Canada for many years. Our relationship began when TCS received a call that their existing firewall had failed, and they were in desperate need of a replacement. Alliance Corporation is designed as a ‘hub and spoke topology’, meaning that all their remote sites connect to their headquarters located in Mississauga, ON. When the router located at their headquarters crashed, all the remote sites subsequently went down as well. This was detrimental to the business as they experienced a disruption in their daily operations.

TCS performed a technology audit and upon further investigation made the following findings:

  • Discontinued Nortel phone system(s) – inefficient setup;
  • Disparate systems and technology;
  • High cost of ownership both monthly and one-time;
  • High maintenance costs due to untrained personnel managing existing system(s).

TCS responded with same day emergency service and was able to repair their existing firewall and get all remote sites operating again. TCS subsequently replaced all their outdated, discontinued routers with new Fortigate NGFW (next generation firewalls) from Fortinet, one of our trusted technology partners. TCS replaced their antiquated, discontinued Nortel telephone system with TCS Hosted, our cloud-based communications solution. This was accomplished by developing a cost-savings business case over five years.

Alliance Corporation would now realize some cost savings over their existing monthly spend, and in return they would get a brand-new cloud-based solution from TCS with new IP-based communications which linked together all their locations with simplified 4-digit dialing.

Alliance Corporation was able to simplify management of their IT infrastructure by eliminating multiple vendors and engaging TCS as their one trusted vendor and SPOC (single point of contact).

Their new cloud-based communications system allowed them to increase productivity and reduce their monthly cost. In addition, they received one simple, predictable monthly bill with no hidden charges. A new unified IT infrastructure with one common platform allowed for centralized management, improved control and clear visibility of their IT environment.