TCS Digital Signage

Signage Solutions Engineered for Performance

TCS has partnered with Samsung, a global information technology leader, to bring you state of the art digital signage solutions. Samsung SMART Signage Solutions are engineered for performance. The better your displays look, the better you look. No matter what your application, there’s a Samsung display that’s perfect for you.


Businesses are increasingly using digital signage to attract and inform customers about their products and services. Banks, restaurants, retailers and more are finding them valuable tools at point of sale (POS) and point of wait (POW) locations to promote their brands and merchandise. Rapid growth of digital signage use in business environments has been reflected in escalating sales of digital signage.


  • GREATER LONGEVITY - Assessed for a simulated full lifecycle to ensure almost doubled lifespan than consumer TVs .
  • HEAT RESISTANT - Long-term operation in hot conditions - three times longer than consumer TVs
  • STATIC CONTENT RESISTANT - Impervious to after-image at three times the intensity of consumer TVs
  • DUST RESISTANT - Operational when exposed to double the dust intensity of consumer TVs
  • PRO-LONGED OPERATION - Twice the length of operation as consumer TVs
  • HEAVY WEIGHT SUPPORT - Designed to withstand four times its weight with aluminum bracket for large-sized displays
  • EXTENSIVE PRODUCT PORTFOLIO - backed by a global support team