Design Firm in Greater Toronto Area

About our client

Our Client (thereafter referred to as “The Client”) is an internationally-recognized design firm located in Toronto, ON Canada. They specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, branded environments for retail, kids and teens, hospitality and healthcare.
Everything they create is by design. Nothing is by happenstance. Their president believes that excellence in design is only achieved with a thorough understanding of a client’s brand, identity, culture and customer. They immerse themselves in research before they commence the design process. This insight becomes the inspiration behind everything they develop which allows them to launch their client’s visions.
TCS was contacted by the President of the firm who was looking for a quote for one security camera. To gain a further understanding of The Client’s needs, TCS requested a face-to-face meeting. After a very insightful and interesting discussion, it was discovered that The Client had recently terminated several employees for theft of data and other sensitive material. Immediately, we were concerned with the company’s level of network security and lack of threat protection.
TCS performed a technical audit and upon further investigation 
  • Sensitive material and data stolen by employees;
  • Unsuitable security restrictions;
  • Failing hardware;
  • No Surveillance system;
  • Inadequate communications tools;
  • Consumer grade WiFi.
During this technical audit TCS was also able to determine that the main server, which housed all of The Client’s data, was not being maintained properly. It had a dead power supply (running on the redundant one) and was tucked away in a corner inside a cabinet with no ventilation or cooling.
Upon further analysis it was discovered that their outsourced IT administrator had left all the terminated employees’ accounts enabled, leaving The Client extremely vulnerable to theft of confidential data. This prompted the immediate termination of the outsourced IT administrator.

The proposed solution evolved from installing a surveillance camera to implementing several of TCS’ specialized solutions.

First, we implemented a TCS Shield solution, which involved executing an entire network security fabric . This included a FortiGate next generation firewall (NGFW) from Fortinet (one of TCS’ trusted technology partners). We utilized the feature and functionality of the NGFW to restrict access to unauthorized sites and online utilities as well as protecting the client from viruses and malicious cyber intrusions. 

Next we implemented the following solutions: TCS WiFi (managed WiFi), TCS Watch (IP surveillance) and TCS Assist (Managed IT Services) to oversee the management of their computers and servers.

Furthermore, we replaced their current communications solution with TCS Hosted – our cloud-based communications solution.

With the implementation of a TCS Shield security solution, The Client now had the industry’s top-rated security and network protection. The new, secure Fortigate NGFW provided deep visibility and granular control of applications, users and web filtering.

By partnering with TCS, The Client now had a reputable company with expertly trained staff providing a premium managed service for their desktops and server infrastructure.

High quality professional IP Surveillance cameras we installed for added peace of mind and protection. TCS implemented a TCSHosted Cloud-based communications solution which allowed The Client to increase productivity and reduce their monthly cost. In addition, they received one simple, predictable monthly bill with no hidden charges. 

A new unified IT infrastructure with one common platform allowed for centralized management, improved control and clear visibility of their IT environment.