Network Security for Long Term Care and Retirement Facilities

Network Security for Long Term Care and Retirement Facilities

Emergency preparedness for cyber attacks has never been more critical for healthcare providers — or more overlooked.

Cybersecurity refers to today’s defenses of networks, data systems and programs from outside digital attacks. Holistic cybersecurity maintains safe and secure computer networks and all their accompanying data, files and programs while protecting against breaches, leaks, or unauthorized access.

Think of it like a moat and castle for your long-term care organization’s online information. Anything employees input into a computer — from medical charting to payment processing to clients’ personal information — can be the target of a cyber-attack in the healthcare industry.

Cybersecurity for Long-Term Care Facilities is Critical

On top of providing an enhanced quality of life and the utmost autonomy for clients and their families, long-term care organizations need to be as trustworthy and transparent as possible — not only in the way they conduct healthcare operations but also the back-office or behind-the-scenes processes that help the organization run in the first place.

For assisted living and long-term care health providers, consider the following ways in which increased cybersecurity stands to benefit your organization: 

  • Sets your organization as an ethical standard in the healthcare industry
  • Bolsters the trust and confidence that’s critical to your patients and their loves ones
  • Shows your company’s proactive – not reactive – culture
  • Sets you apart from industry competitors, who may not be as transparent about their information-technology activities – or not speak of them at all
  • Guarantees smooth prevention, detection, and mitigation readiness in the event of any suspicious activity

No business or organization is immune to security threats. Long-term care security must exist for a brand to represent and maintain its reputation. After all, this reputation is at the heart of everything a health service provides.

TCS has helped many Long Term Care and Retirement facilities implement robust security solutions.  Some of the security solutions we’ve deployed are:

  • FortiGate Firewalls – Firewalls that provide comprehensive protection against advanced cyber threats and prevention of any single point of vulnerability in the network.

  • FortiSwitch – Ethernet switch that ensures data is being transmitted securely via all devices connected to your network.

  • FortiAP – Secure Wireless Access Points that provide the broad visibility, automated protection, and integrated threat intelligence required to protect the valuable assets and data of organizations worldwide.

TCS Canada’s broad portfolio of top-rated solutions and centralized management enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end security infrastructure.

Get in touch with one of our technology experts to learn how a TCS Shield solution delivers high performance, consolidated advanced security for your business.