Open the Door to Innovation: Secure Door Access Solutions

Open the Door to Innovation: Secure Door Access Solutions

Raising the Standard of Smartphone Access Control Systems

There is a growing desire to meet office workers’ expectations for fast and convenient access to the building via their smartphones, while still maintaining a high level of security.  The trend of today is to eliminate physical entry cards and use mobile phones as a means of identification to gain entry.

Did you know that TCS offers secure, reliable and simple door access solutions?

Convenient Design

The 2N Access Unit M is the ideal reader for offices.  Its controller is built-in and all you need to connect and power the device is a single UTP cable.  Thanks to its slim, compact design, you can easily install on any door frame, indoors or outdoors.  No need for employees to carry cards or keys.

easy installation

Installation is quick and easy.  Drill three holes in the frame, feed through the UTP cable, connect the lock and screw it in place.   

Simple Administration

The 2N Access Commander provides centralized device management.  Managing access to the building and monitoring the status of the access control units in real time has never been easier.  Its intuitive user interface allows you to manage multiple sites, see if devices are online, monitor attendance, easily on-board visitors, grant or restrict access to specific areas and so much more. 


The 2N Access Unit M opens the door in 3 seconds so users won’t have any issue using it in a busy office environment.

Parallel communication with up to 8 phones within reader’s range.

Frictionless passage throughout the building, cutting time spent at the door and avoiding queues from forming.

There is 98% success opening on the first attempt.

Tests were performed on 100 different phone models covering 20 brands.

Encrypted communication between the reader and mobile app.

Impossible to duplicate credentials.

People rarely misplace or lend others their phone (unlike the cards or keys).

Thanks to adaptive algorithms, the reader knows whether the user is approaching or moving away from it.  A Phone within range but lying on a table or desk will not open the door.

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