Top 5 Benefits of a Hosted PBX Phone System

Top 5 Benefits of a Hosted PBX Phone System

Hosted PBX phone systems have many benefits for businesses of all sizes, especially for SMBs.  So, if you’re tired of dealing with a cumbersome on-premise phone system that consumes most of your IT resources just on maintenance, then perhaps it’s time to move your phone system to the cloud.

Here are the top five benefits of a hosted PBX phone system:

1. Cost Efficiency

Hosted PBX means fewer expenses in the form of repairs and downtime often imposed by legacy systems’ in-house maintenance. Hosted PBXs are completely managed by a third-party hosted PBX provider. 

In addition, companies can eliminate unnecessary capital costs as hosted telephony requires little to no complex infrastructure to purchase or set up as it uses an Internet connection to deliver your telecommunications.  No more purchase, lease or maintenance fees.

2. scalability

A hosted PBX enables your communication requirements to grow seamlessly with your business.  A hosted solution enables businesses to add phone lines, extensions and even connect to mobile devices without facing the limitations imposed by a traditional phone systems’ hardware.

3. outsourced maintenance

The up-keep of a hosted PBX system is managed by the phone system provider in an off-site location, so there is no need to dedicate in-house staff, time and money to keeping an on-premises system up and running. Your company will experience more up-time because the hosted PBX system doesn’t have to be taken offline for maintenance, updates, or repairs.

4. reliability

A hosted PBX system can be counted on to connect every call without lagging response times, delays or lapses in call quality. You can count on the enterprise-class voice quality on each call, as Internet-based telephony is touted for its improved quality over that of traditional PSTN connection.

5. disaster recovery

Often, the first thing that fails during unforeseen events such as a storm, fire or power outage is your phone system —that is, if you’re still using a legacy system. This disruption can bring operations and productivity to a screeching halt, which affects your bottom line and external communications—with important vendors and clients, for instance.  A hosted PBX can solve this problem as your infrastructure resides in a redundant and secure world-class data centre.  With automatic, built-in failover, your flow of communications will continue even in an emergency.

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